Alexander Yochim
アレクサンダー ヨカム
Core Competencies
Programming Languages C, C++, C#, Java, VB.NET
Scripting Languages JavaScript, PHP, Lua
Markup Languages HTML, XHTML, XML
Other Languages CSS, SQL
Libraries and Frameworks jQuery, Bootstrap
Other Technologies Visual Studio, Git, NuGet, SharePoint, VSTS/TFS, Google Maps, Trello, Unity Game Engine
Work Experience
English Instructor Nov 2018 - Present Gaba Corporation
  • Plan and customize lessons for clients of many different English levels and backgrounds
  • Teach basic and advanced business language
  • Attend workshops on how to correspond with different types of clients
  • Relay positive and negative feedback for each lesson and client
Engineer (Freelance) Aug 2017 - Present Whitethorn Digital
  • Interpret and refine requirements using agile methodology
  • Develop multi-platform games using Unity Game Engine
  • Track and report issues using Trello
  • Use scrum and agile to maintain efficient workflow
Software Engineer III Sep 2014 - Sep 2018 National General Insurance/AmTrust Financial
  • Interpret and evaluate requirements by corresponding with business clients
  • Present proposals for business solutions
  • Design and propose database structures for projects
  • Solve business problems with full-stack development
  • Train new employees
  • Lead and support a small team (5-10 members)
  • Cross-team collaboration (~5 teams)
  • Allocate work on large projects to other engineers
  • Plan workload and timelines to meet deadlines
Freelance Web Developer May 2015 – Sep 2015 Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier (LEAF)
  • Utilize Google Maps API via JavaScript
  • Develop a UI for adding, updating, and removing data to and from a database
Penn State Behrend Erie, PA Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Minors: Mathematics, Management Information Systems
Game Developers Club 2012-2014 With the help of a few friends and a Penn State Behrend professor, we were able to convert an old storage room into a game development studio. Weekly meetings, events, and study sessions were held in the room. Tools available for student use included professional sound equipment, several programming computers, and top-of-the-line digital art equipment.
Global Game Jam 2013, 2014 A yearly global event that we rallied people to sign up for at Penn State Behrend, the goal being to make a game with a team in 48 hours.
YouTube Account Management Application Java, Maven, Google's YouTube API
YouTube Account Management Application The goal of this program is to be easier and more fluid to use than the YouTube website. It currently allows a user to search for videos, channels, and playlists, as well as edit playlists, subscriptions, and even the metadata of uploaded videos. I'd like to implement a right-click menu to streamline usage, and add a way to upload videos.
American Dream Construct 2
American Dream American dream is a board game created as a contrast to Hasbro's "Monopoly" and Milton Bradley's "Life." Its concept was inspired by the stereotypical American lifestyle. The goal of the game is to have the least debt but most "things" by the time you reach the end. Due to the way the game is set up, the player is never able to "get out of debt." This game is entirely touch (or mouse click) based.
Tumbling Down Construct 2
Tumbling Down Tumbling Down is a tower defense and missile command inspired game in which you are defending your brain against invasive thoughts. You have to place turrets on your brain to survive. Everything is touch or mouse-click based.
Blue/Red Hackenbush Visual Basic
Blue/Red Hackenbush A two-player impartial game commonly used to demonstrate the concepts of game theory. The game board consists of stacks (either random or created) of game pieces (either blue or red) laid on a "ground" which is usually just a line. On each player's turn, they must remove a piece of their own color. If they have no pieces left to remove, they lose. When a piece is removed, all pieces above that piece are also removed. The strategy is to both remove as many of your opponents pieces as possible while also protecting your own (by taking them before your opponent does).
Throb C# and XNA Game Studio
Throb Developed during Global Game Jam 2013, the theme was the sound of a heartbeat. Using a keyboard or gamepad, the player must match the beat of a song while also matching the character's heartbeat. The heartbeat fluctuates depending on how well the player is matching the song beat. Created with Shane Shafferman and Peter Kalmar.
Bored to Death Visual Basic
Bored to Death A "boredom" themed text adventure game made in a few days for Penn State Behrend Game Development Club. In the game, the power goes out and the player must race against the clock, which happens to be the "boredom bar." If the bar reaches 100%, the game is over. The player must use common text adventure commands to navigate his house in search of items to ease his boredom. If the player survives until the lights come back on, they win. Created with Shane Shafferman and Steve Chalker.
Parry Visual Basic
Parry A tile based strategy game essentially involving only two different pieces: the sword and the shield. Each piece is assigned a number (at random) from 1 to 9. The number determines the power of the piece. When placed, swords with a number greater than or equal to adjacent enemy pieces will "take over" those pieces. This changes the color of the piece to the attacker's color. Shields, when placed, regardless of the power level, will lower the power of all adjacent enemy pieces and increase the power of all adjacent ally pieces. The winner is the one with the most pieces on the board when it is filled. There are four different board sizes to choose from. The background cloud color determines whose turn it is. Each player has 6 tiles in their pile, each turn the inner three tiles get cycled out for three new pieces. Additionally, the outer three tiles move into the inner position. When a level 9 piece has an ally shield placed next to it, it increases to level A. Level A pieces can't be taken, and they also count for 2 points instead of 1. Created with Adam Stolarski.